Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

Seeking counselling or psychotherapy does not mean in ANY WAY that there is something “wrong” with you or “needing a fix”; quite the opposite. Asking for therapeutic support is a statement about wanting to help yourself move forward; it is an opportunity for positive change that requires courage and honesty. The therapeutic process is in itself an open ended journey; a shared process of exploration between you and me, where a relationship of trust is built to find solutions together.

What you bring to our sessions may be challenging;  and at times, you may find it difficult to talk about it and to share the depth of your story with me. There are many possible reasons why you are looking for counselling or psychotherapy.

  • You may be experiencing depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, phobia, fear nightmares, suicidal thoughts or you may be suffering from PTSD symptomatology and wanting to heal wounds from past trauma and abuse.
  • You may be struggling with body image and low self-esteem issues or finding yourself unable to express and bottling up feelings such as anger, grief, sadness, frustration, sorrow, hurt and embarrassment. Perhaps you feel lonely, lost, confused, stuck, dissatisfied or unfulfilled with your life or you are struggling find direction and focus and unable to change familiar patterns of behaviour.
  • You could be facing challenges in your relationships, finding yourself at this stage in your life at a crossroads, having a personal crisis, going through a major life transition or having the sense that something is missing in your life.
  • You are looking for some support around having a better work- life balance or you are experiencing a desire for creative self-expression and authenticity.
  • You may be also wanting to explore qualities and talents that might be hidden and seeking to emerge or having a yearning for spiritual connection and integration.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Services Can Help You

I offer you a space to talk about life as it happens while I guide you to stay mindfully present to your emotional and physical experience in the here and now as we converse. I  challenge your thinking, encourage you to look deeper and to listen to your own wisdom so that you can arrive to new insights and make new meaning. I hold you with respect and heart while you journey towards what feels right for you.

I do not offer instant solutions, advice, magic recipes or an instant fixes as I believe you have your own rhythm and your own wisdom. Rather, I listen carefully and respectfully and tell you what I notice and hear you are saying; that is the unconscious part of your communication. You will bring into our relationship certain ways and modes of relating. Helping you understand the ways you interact and behave in therapy often provides insight into your “outside” relationships as well. Listening for, interpreting unconscious material and using a sensorimotor approach lies at the heart of the therapeutic work we will do.

I wholeheartedly believe that something almost magical happens in a therapeutic space where individuals are held with genuine care, empathy and respect. I know for myself that healing truly begins to take place as we move through our stories and explore that which is preventing us from living life to the fullest.

You may wish to have and introductory session to see if Psychodynamcis Counselling Therapy is the right way forward for you. Make change possible and book an appointment now by clicking here.