A professional, safe, confidential and therapeutic space to address your concerns and challenges, talk about your thoughts, feelings, experiences, dreams and aspirations, get to know yourself more fully and find a more meaningful and wholesome way of living your life. Together, we can look at interpersonal, emotional or behavioural concerns, mental health issues and feelings of general dissatisfaction, relationship concerns, behaviour patterns or any other important issues and also embark on a journey of personal growth, self- awareness and healing.

Counselling and psychotherapy are pathways for exploration and self-discovery.

In therapy we can gently and progressively look at our past conditioning and transform outdated ways of navigating and being in the world so that we can live in alignment with what is important, meaningful and purposeful in our lives. By engaging in psychosynthesis counselling or psychotherapy we have an opportunity to re-discover and re-connect with those aspects of our being that have been squashed down, disowned and forgotten, create space and allow for self-expression and authenticity to unfold organically.

I offer a Psychosynthesis approach to counselling and psychotherapy. This framework helps to address the long patterns and beliefs underlying your emotional suffering, to understand more clearly the choices that may be hidden but available to you, to explore and discover that which has deeper meaning for you right now, to move toward greater psychological balance and integration and to bring about lasting changes. Over time you will become more self- aware, you will begin to find new answers and ways of meeting life daily challenges in a more grounded, joyful and wholesome way regardless of your circumstances and you will feel more connected and empowered to take your life in the direction you choose. I will be honored to witness your journey.

It is important for me that you understand how I practice to avoid any misunderstandings. I am trained to work in a psychotherapeutic manner and honestly believe that several weeks or even a few months is too little time for us to make any REAL difference in the long patterns that have led you to struggle and feel in the ways you do now. Change and healing requires will engaged, patience and perseverance and the kind of shift that I work for with clients takes some time. You are nevertheless, free to consult with me for as few or as many sessions as you like and choose. We can talk about this and discuss.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Services are offered in a quiet and tranquil setting to people who live in Hamilton, Matamata, Cambridge, Morrinsville, Tirau, Waikato and Waipa Districts.

About sessions and appointments for INDIVIDUALS and COUPLES

Self referrals are welcome.

Individual sessions: weekly or fortnightly sessions only (to be negotiated based on client needs and after first assessment).

Couples therapy: requires combined and individual sessions.

Duration: 1 hr. of therapy.

Working hours: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm (late appointments by arrangement only).

Payment method: Required 48 hrs. prior to session. Online banking (cheque by arrangement only)

Cancellation fee: 48 hours’ notice required or full fee applies.